Tenoning Machine

This is a handy compact machine capable of handling cabinet work, light door work, sash stuff, etc, at high rates of production, it has been specially designed for fast, easy operation. Adjustments are readily accessible and easy to make. It is completely modern in design and is both economical in first cost and in maintenance.
The machine will tenon, scribe the shoulders and cut off to length at one pass of the table. It will take timber 300mm wide x 115mm deep and cut tenons upto 5” long at one pass.
These are each arranged with an electric motor built in. The Spindles are made from special steel of 40 tons tensile strength and mounted in heavy ball bearings. Both headstocks are adjustable vertically. Horizontal adjustment is also provided to both top and bottom spindles for producing tenons with unequal shoulders.
Provisions are also made for adjusting both heads together so that the operator may position the tenon when once set for thickness.
The Cutter Blocks are designed to give a shearing cut. Special cutters are fitted for giving a clean and accurate finish to the shoulders of the work. The cutterblocks are secured to the spindles by keys and locknuts.
The Vertical Scribing spindles are each attached to the Main Headstock slides and are, adjustable with them. In addition, they have independent Vertical and Horizontal adjustments, all of which may be operated while the machine is running. A Separate motor is built into each head. The scribing cutter blocks are of steel and have four dovetail slots for carrying the slotted scribing cutters. The cutter blocks are secured to the spindles by keys and locknuts.
Spindles are arranged to take 275 mm diameter grooving saws.

The cutting-off saw is fitted at the back of the Cutter Blocks and is. Therefore, well out of the way of the operator. The Saw Spindle is mounted in ball bearings and carries a 300mm diameter saw. It is mounted below the table and is horizontally adjustable by Screw and Hand wheel to suit the length of the tenon. A guard is provided over the saw.
The motors are built into the headstocks and are dust tight, thus making impossible the entrance of dust or chips, which reduces maintenance to a minimum. They are made up of motor and stator units and built directly into the machine with the cutter heads mounted on the extended motor shafts and can be supplied to operate from two or three-phase alternating current of any voltage. The shafts revolve in heavy type ball bearings enclosed in dustproof housings.
The motors are controlled from a centralized push-button station, and the control gear is of the automatic contactor type. The contactor gear is built into the main frame and is dust-tight. A master stop shuts down all motors simultaneously and embodies a “lock-nuts” feature which make it impossible fo the machine to be started inadvertently.
The table is, mounted on ball bearing rollers. The runways are accurately machined, and scrapers are fitted to keep them clean. The table is so arranged that perfect alignment with the cutter blocks is always maintained.
The table fence is provided with a turnover stop which can be utilized with equal facility whether the fence is in the square or angular position. In addition a spring stop running the full width of the table is provided to enable the table to be loaded with narrow stock, such as sash bars. A quick-acting lever clamp is fitted for securing the work. (Pneumatic Clamping can also be provided at extra cost).
A dead stop is also provided for use in conjunction with the shoulder stop on the fence. This is adjustable along a bar and can be locked where desired.

1. The machine is compact and economical in floor space.
2. The machine can be fitted with Tenoning and Scribing heads and cut-off saw.
3. All heads are direct motorized. All motors are totally enclosed and of ample power for the heaviest work.
4. Tenon and scribing heads have combined and independent vertical adjustment.
5. Smooth, easy table movement on ball bearing rollers, ensures fast operation and high rated output.
6. Table carries swiveling fence with turnover stop. Spring stop is
provided across table for loading narrow stuff.
7. Quick-acting duplex single lever clamp. (Pneumatic Clamping Optional)
8. Scribing spindles are arranged to take 275mm diameter-grooving saws.
Some of the many operations that can be done on the Single End Tenonner ::
1. Plain Tenon
2. Angular Tenon
3. E-halving joint
4. Double Tenon
5. Double Tenon with unequal shoulders
6. End Moulding
7. Single Tenon with unequal Shoulders
8. Sash Check Rail
9. Tenon with Top & Bottom Scribe

- Will admit timber upto : 355mm x 115mm
- Will cut tenons at one operation : 127mm long
- Fence may be swiveled 45° for angular tenons    
- Top cutter head will rise 1085mm above table    
- Will take 1525mm between shoulders of Tenons using turnover stop    
- Size of table : 760mm x 405mm
- Height of table from floor : 840mm
- Diameter of cutting-off saw : 305mm
- Diameter of horizontal and scribing Spindles : 31.7mm
- Speed of all motors, RPM : 3000 (Approx.)
- Horse Power of motors for horizontal cutter heads : 2 x 5 H.P
- Horse Power of motors for scribing heads : 2 x 2 H.P
- Horse Power of Motor for rear cut-off saw : 1.5 H.P
- Total Connected Load of this machine : 15.5 H.P
- Floor space approx. : 1525mm x 1450mm
- Net weight approx. Complete Machine With cut-off saw : 1040 Kgs.
- Gross Weight approx. complete machine with cut-off-saw : 1220 KGS
- Shipping Dimensions : 3.5 c.m.
- Cutter blocks complete with cutters for Horizontal spindles
- Cutter Guards with Dust Collecting Hose
- Appropriate Spanners, Allen Keys and Screw Driver 1 Set
- Oil Can, Tool Box, Plier and Grease Gun
Pneumatic Clamping on Table
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