Disc Bobbin Sander

Disc and Bobbin Sander

The main frame is well proportioned having a large base area to ensure steady vibration free running.

The sanding disc is of steel, accurately turned and dynamically balanced and mounted on the electric motor, the shaft of which forms the disc spindle.


The table is of graded cast iron having ground finish and is arranged to cant 45 degree below and 15 degree above the horizontal and can be locked where desired.


The sanding bobbin is driven by an electrical motor while a reciprocating motion is given to the Bobbin by means of a Geared Motor. A screw adjustment is provided to enable the operator to raise and lower the bobbin slide to allow the full length of the abrasive paper to be used. The motion is operated by a wheel and machine cut steel gears.

* Independent Motors of sanding disc and vertical bobbin.
* Both Disc and Bobbin tables cant below and above horizontal and are provided with graduated scales.
* Swiveling fence fitted to disc table.
* Bobbin has a reciprocating motion to ensure smooth finish to work.
* Turned steel sander disc.
* Sanding Bobbin slide can be adjusted vertically to allow for wear on the abrasive paper.
* Various diameters of bobbins may be used.
* Dust outlets provided to Disc and Bobbin for connecting to Dust Extractor.
* Efficient Guard over sanding disc.
Diameter of Sanding Disc


Size of Table for Disc : 850 x 425mm
Table Tilt : +45 degree-15degree
Speed : 900 RPM
Motor Power : 3 HP
Sanding Bobbin Dia : Min: 50mm max. 90mm
Maximum Length of material sanded : 175mm
Size of Table : 600 x 600mm
Spindle Motor : 1.5 H.P.
Geared Motor : 0.5 H.P.
- All Electric Controls fitted on the machine.
- Tool Box consisting of Appropriate Spanners 1 Set
  Appropriate Allen Keys 1 Set
  Grease Gun 1 No.
  Oil Can 1 No.
  Screw Driver 1 No.
- V-Belt One fitted with the machine
- Paper Disc Affixed on the Disc
- Bobbin Emery Belt Fitted on the Bobbin
- Length 1200mm
- Width 1600mm
- Height 1600mm
- Shipping Volume 3 Cum.
- Net Weight 350 Kgs. approx.
- Gross Weight 600 Kgs. approx.
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