Hydraulic Cold Saw


‘SANDEEP’ Universal Saw with automatic sequence of all operations- clamping of material, Sawing, saw return, clamp releave and stopping of the machine- is a modern, sophisticated machine for cutting very cleanly and accurately all types of ferrous or non-ferrous materials in the form of solids, channels, tubes etc.

- The machine has an easy access to the working area of the saw table from the front while wide sections are easily handled, clamped and cut lying down.
- The feed chart enables the correct rate of feed for each job to be read and set. This enables even unskilled operators to cut at optimum rates and achieve long blade life.
- The back fences can be moved backward or forward by means of handle and settling scale to full utilize the capacity of the machines. the fence plates can be adjustable side ways in both directions.
- Long blade life is assured by the built-in coolant system and the double chip removing rollers.
- The machine has self-contained hydraulic circuit which is foolproof and acts to the electrical system (Panel). All the hydraulic and electrical controls are in the front of the machine and are easily access able to the operator and are suitable interlocked.
- Max. Diameter of material


150mm with 500mm dia saw blade.
- Saw blade diameter : 400mm (425mm optional maximum)
- Cutting speeds : 5 Nos. by sprockets.
- Main drive motor : 3 HP, 700 rpm
- Coolant Pump motor : 0.25 KW
- Hydraulic delivery capacity : 25 Litres/Min
- Hydraulic Pump motor : 2.2 KW/3HP
- Saw blade rate infinitely variable : 10-1200mm/min
- Rapid return of saw blade : 3000mm/min. std. or (as per request)
- Counter vice movement : 150mm
- Vertical vice cylinder stroke : 7 to 10mm
- Horizontal vice clamping power : 5mm
- Vertical vice clamping power . : 2000 kgs
- Horizontal vice clamping power : 1000 kgs.
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