Automatic Saw Blade Grinding

Model SG-600

(For Segmental Saw Blades and Friction Saw Blades)

This heavy duty machine is suitable for grinding segmental and all other types of metal cutting circular saw blades, Band Saw Blades having either straight or curved tooth profiles, including the friction cut off blades and hot saws.

Machine has rigid and practical design, simplicity of operation and maintenance, short set-up times and long life. With the use of master index plates a consistently high accuracy is obtained. Even new Teeth can be generated by putting up Index Plate on the machine for equal division.

This method of operation meets the demands of even the most critical experts.

- The machine consists of rigid column and sliding carriage for carrying Saw blade clamping fixture.
- The upper part of the column contains Waterproofed Machine Head with internal; Kinematics run in an Oil Bath with various tooth profiles determining cams and the mechanism for obtaining the High Teeth and Low Teeth. The fully enclosed assembly prevents any contamination from outside.
- The spindles carrying grinding wheel is made of suitable alloy steel accurately machined and mounted on anti friction bearings. The bearings used in grinding wheel head are single row angular contact ball bearings of special accuracy.
- Suitable mechanism is provided for tooth topping and automatic indexing of saw blade.
- The machine is designed to ensure that the grinding wheel remains square with the saw blade.
- The swing Arm which support the Grinding Wheel Arbor and the easy-to read scaled index, enables fast chamfering of the sharpened saw’s teeth.
- Suitable safety devices are incorporated to prevent conflicting motions, damage to the machine and injury to the personnel. All controls including starting and stopping are within the easy reach of the operator.
- The machine is provided with Saw blade clamping fixture with centering bolt and centering spigots of different diameters to suit blades to be ground.
- Capable of grinding reciprocating Hacksaw Blades and Band Saw by quick and easy change-over of Appropriate Attachments.
- A conical type Dust Extractor unit in the lower part of the main column is provided with the machine.
- Set of maintenance tools is provided with the machine.
* Circular Saw Blade Dia


120-600 mm
* Maximum Saw Blade Thickness : 6 mm
* Maximum Tooth Pitch : 30 mm
* Maximum Height of Tooth : 15 mm
* Grinding Wheel Speed : 4200-5800 RPM
* Maximum Grinding Wheel Dia : 150 RPM
* Indexing Feed Speed : 40 to 220 mm
* Total Installed Power : 1.10 Kw
* Approximate Weight : 275 Kg.
Index Plate to suit your Blade

1 No.

Oil for the first filling.    
Set of maintenance tools comprising of : -    
Appropriate Spanners 1 Set  
Appropriate Allen Keys 1 Set  
Screw Driver 1 No.  
Circlip Plier 1 No.  
Diamond Dresser 1 No.  
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