Band Resaw

Band Resaw


For Sawing of Timber in Saw Mills and Production Shops


MACHINE BASE: Shall be all steel fabricated out of best quality steel and shall have machined facings to support the tables, Top and Bottom spindle assemblies and the Column and shall be very rigid and sturdy.

COLUMN: Shall be all steel fabricated and will carry the upper wheel assembly.

SAW PULLEYS: Will be solid Plate type of castings machined all over and balanced. The faces shall have a slight crown to ensure accurate Saw Tracking. Both the top and bottom pulleys shall be mounted on machined and tapered spindles. The top pulley is lighter than the bottom so that over running will not occur.

PULLEY BEARINGS: The pulley bearings shall be of heavy-duty self-aligning roller type and shall be enclosed in dustproof housings. Each spindle shall be supported by two such bearings, one on each side of the pulley, which is not over hung. The bearings on the top spindle shall be pivoted from fulcrum pins in the jaw piece.

SAW STAINING SYSTEM: Saw staining system is provided through powerful coil spring and readable on a
convenient scale stain provided to the blade.

SAW TRACKING: Sensitive tilting arrangement to the top saw wheel is provided controlled through a hand wheel for the purpose of tracking of the saw blade.

TABLE: The table is made of close-grained cast iron accurately machined to give a bearing surface of 1100 mm square approx.

FENCE: Shall be Multi roller fence of robust construction and frictionless. It shall be set by the handwheel through rack and pinion gear. A scale is provided which indicates accurately the width of cut.

FEED ROLLERS: Both vertical and horizontal feed rollers are given through a Hydraulic system to provide them an infinitely variable feed of 8 to 76 meters per minute.

SAW GUIDES: Both Top and Bottom blade guides shall be provided. The guides are of white metal lined adjustable for wear. The Upper Saw Guide is adjustable through a motorized mechanism and can be set at any desired height. The Bottom Guide is close to the table bottom and shall have a saw dust deflector immediately below them.


TOP GUARD: Shall be provided to safely protect the saw on its passage round the Top Pulley whilst the front guard which rises and falls with top Saw Guide covers the saw down to the guide.

BOTTOM GUARD: Covers the Bottom Pulley above the floor level and is provided with Hing opening for saw changing.

CLEANING PAD Cleaning Pad and Brushes shall be provided on the top and
BRUSHES: bottom pulley and the saw at the back of the machine to ensure that the saw is continuously cleaned.

assembly and 5 H.P Motor for Feed Roller Assembly.

STARTERS: Suitable starters are provided for each motor.

All electricals operate on 415 volts, 50 cycles, 3 Phase A.C. Current.

LUBRICATION: Lubrication shall be effected through grease nipples to all ball and roller bearings, except for the gear box which shall be sump feed, centralized lubricated.

The lubrication instruction plate shall be attached to the machine.

MASTER STOP : Master stop shall be provided within easy reach of the operator.


- Diameter of Saw Pulleys 54 (1.37 M)

- Width of Saw Pulley face 5.1/2 6.1/2 (162 mm)

- Max. Width of saw 7 (177 mm)

- Max. length of saw 28' 10 (8.78 M)

- Min. length of saw 27' 10 (8.48 M)

- Max. Height of top saw guide 24 (610 mm) Above table

- Max. Opening, feed rollers  to saw line 12 (305 mm)

- Max. Opening, fence to saw line 18 (457 mm)

- Table height from floor level 31.1/2 (800 mm)

- Speed of Saw pulleys 565

- Horse Power 60 HP for main drive

- Feed speeds variable from 8 to 76 meters/min.


a) Top and Bottom Pulley Guard
b) Front Saw Guides
c) Bottom and Top Saw Guides
d) Set of spanners
e) Set of Allen keys
f) Grease Gun
g) Foundation bolts.

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