Precision Beam Saw / MJB1327A

The optimal high Cutting Capacity and advanced features at an exceptional price. Class leading performance achieved through pioneering technology define the automatic Panel Saw. Quality and Reliability are second to non, making this the saw you can count on.


The Machine frame made from welded quality steel at low temperature, aged treatment and precisely machined, ensuring a stable and reliable performance.
The Saw carriage adopts imported superior straight-line guide way, high accuracy, wear resistance, self-cleaning.
The Saw Carriage of Sandeep Beam Saws is driven by an imported power torque reducer.
The Pressure Beam adopts sway bar synchronous design to guarantee the pressure beam synchronous elevation, ensuring no panel excursion.
The Machine is designed with Multiple Positioning Fence.
Emergency Stop Device guarantees the safety of people and machine.
PLC Combining with imported electric system to realize automatic cutting and run stably and reliably.
Centralized dust collecting system cleans the machine efficiently, improves working environment and decreases pollution.
Frequency inverter to control the saw carriage movement, suitable for cutting various materials.
The translucent keys prevent chips from spilling out and enable the operator know the saw blade position at any time.
Heavy Duty rear feeding device guarantees smooth feeding and working accuracy.
Standard Pneumatic control system, reliable and steady, enjoying a long service life.
The Machine adopts the popular streamlined shape design, beautiful and fashion.
The Machine is designed with double pressure beam structure.
Optional: The machine can be equipped with pneumatic floating table, reducing friction between panel and table to increase working efficiency and Pneumatic Stops as fence adjustable.



Maximum Cutting Length : 2680mm
Maximum Cutting Thickness : 76mm
Diameter of Main Saw Blade : 350mm
Diameter of Main Saw Spindle : 30mm
Rotation speed of scoring saw blade : 4800 RPM
Diameter of Scoring Saw Blade : 180mm
Diameter of Scoring Saw Spindle : 30mm
Rotation Speed of Main Saw Blade : 6500 RPM
Forward Speed of Saw Carriage : 0-37 m/min
Backward Speed of Saw Carriage : 45 m/min
Drive motor of Main Saw Blade : 13 HP
Drive Motor of Saw Carriage : 2 HP
Pneumatic Pressure : 5-6 KG/cm2
Table Height from Floor : 900mm
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