Cold presses / MY50Y

• This is one of the Finest Design amongst the Hydraulic Cold Presses.
• This is a very Heavy Duty and Robust Machine & Weigh’s 3500Kg.
• The Raising and Lowering of the Press Plate is through two Hydraulic Cylinders and its parrallity to the Base Plate Controlled by Two Precision Racks on either side of the Press Plate. Thus leaving no chance of any misalignment.
• The Press Plate can be Raised and Lowered by inching also if desired.
• The Machine is provided with a Timer which can be set to desired duration of Pressing dependent on the job being done and as soon as the time is over, a Hooter gives the signal / the pressing table lifts automatically.
• Desired Pressure can be set on the manometer dependent on the applications need. The Hydraulic Power pack is fitted on the top of the machine. Hydraulic Oil is provided with the machine for ready use.
• An Indicator Plate is put in front on the machine to guide the operator as how to put the job in the correct manner on the Base Plate.
• Suitable for Small and Medium Furniture & Panel Processing Factories.
• All Hydraulic Controls and Electricals are fitted in a Panel on the front side of the machine. An Emergency Switch is also provided on the Electric Control Panel. There is no Electric Consumption during the set pressing time.
* Press Plate


2550 x 1250mm
* Press Stroke : 900mm
* Press Power : 50t
* Motor Power : 5.5 KW
* Net Weight : 3500 KG
* Overall Weight : 2920 x 1250 x 2700mm
Terms and conditions for the supply of this machine are enclosed.
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