General Introduction:
This Machine can be used to paste PVC on Furniture, Cabinets, Speakers, relief doors, decoration Panels for walls and other abnormal decoration shapes with a special Silicon Sheet. It can also work with hot transfer and veneer.
1. The Machine travel is operated manually. The working plate is fixed while the heating cabinet is movable.
2. The Vacuum is measured with vacuometer atomically. The temperature is controlled by computer chips so that the heating speed is adjustable and the temperature can be perfectly managed.
3. This machine uses top 2X Series vacuum pump. It is stable and reliable and the maintenance work is simple (you can also opt for German-made vacuum pump, which is strong and tough).
(Technical Specifications)
(Exterior size) : 5500 mm×1500 mm×1400mm
(Working plate size) : 2550mm×1100(1300)mm
(Rating working pressure) : (Negative Pressure) ≥ -0.095MPa
(General Power) : 15kW
(Actual power consumption : (About)5kW
(Weight) : 2T

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