Hot Presses / Touch Screen & PLC Controlled Hot Press


* SANDEEP Thermo fluid Hot Press has heating system and heat-transfer system elaborately designed, with low heat energy consumption and even heat transfer.
* The reasonably-designed structure, precise component processing, wide regulating range of process parameters and reasonably-designed controlling process will meet various process requirements of the productions of cover planks.
* This Model of SANDEEP Hot Press is necessary for a medium-sized secondary processing furniture factories and sized secondary processing factories of man-made boards, used for gluing of furniture boards, broken parts of construction, wooden doors (namely, to glue man-made boards and inner frames) and various sorts of man made boards to press various sorts of decorating materials onto plywood, Joiner’s boards, medium density fiber boards and particle boards, such as decorating papers, decorating cloth, melamine fireproof boards, tinsels, man made and natural splints floriations of natura splints, and for smoothing and dying single boards, shaping and smoothing colorized decorating boards.
* The running cost of our Thermo Fluid Hot Press is very low compared to Electric Element Heated Hot Press.

SANDEEP Hot Presses are the result of a long research for a high quality machine.
The Press structure is totally made in welded beams tool machined. The press frame, once assembled, turns out to be a single body granting a perfect resistance and time durability. A quality selection, where the main concern is towards the press reliability as far as time and ruggedness are concerned.
FRONT VIEW : By this view it is highlighted the heavy duty structure of the press made out of steel beams.

PLAN VIEW: By this view it is highlighted on 2 side loading possibility. The operator can load the material to be processed from one of the 2 sides of the machine.

Platen’s with Two inlets and Two outlets for uniform heating and low heat loss

Max temp up to 120˚C, max pressure 10 kg/cm2, and heating medium max pressure 2 ate. It is made of two thick-gauged steel plates, which are welded together; in between them there are rectangular shaped steel pipes for the forced circulation of the heating medium; a thermal insulation sheet is fitted between the press structure and the platen.



Double rack system to guarantee a perfect platen movement. Nr. 2 groups on the length and Nr. 2 groups on the width
connected between them by a torsion bar i.e. guides sliding on four uprights


Lateral guides on platens for a perfect movement further safety feature of the pressing platen.


Particular Protection systems of the
racks gearings device.


Movable Platen Locking System so to work with full safety in case of maintenance of the lower side of the press.

Locking Power General Switch to avoid the use of the press by not authorized People.
New Electronic Control board with Touch Screen & PLC  
Besides having completely changed the general switch board control design, the location of the control switches have been conceived completing them with clear and simple visual references.  

The traditional instruments have been replaced by DIGITAL TOUCH SCREEN assuring, Easy Control and high precision and longer durability.
The PLC has the function of controlling the Pressing Cycle, temperature and the Pressure. It can store upto 21+1 Working Cycles ( More on request) which can be recalled for different products on the Touch Control Panel. This function helps to save a lot of time while changing From one type of job to another & to remember the parameters of different types of jobs.
All working cycles parameters are settable and stores in a memory bank thus making Sandeep Hot Press highly Flexible and Productive.
The general switchboard has been placed on a special door with
a opening, allowing maintenance operation easily performed.
On the digital display the operator can set and/or adjust all press functions, particularly:
Setting of working Pressure
Setting of working temperature
Setting of the timer to adjust the pressing time.
Setting of automatic switching ON / OFF of the heating unit.
Automatic Switching On / OFF of the Thermo fluid Pump. (Stops only when temperature falls below 60° C)
Lockable power general switch to avoid the use of the press by not authorized people.  
The Machine can not be used with out password.  
Safety device by means of a sensor. This accessory avoids, by blocking the press movement, damages to the platen structure, in case an incorrect loading operation should take place with panels of different thickness.  
Two Perimetral safety cable with tear switch.  
In case of operating of Control Panel, the supply is automatically disconnected.  
Pressure Transtrader of Kobold (German) Brand for accurate pressure display.  
* Platen Sizes : 2500mm × 1300mm
* Maximum Pressure of Platen/Total Thrust : 100t (3.1 Kg/cm2)
* Maximum Temperature of Platen’s :  120˚C
* Maximum Opening of the Platen/Stroke / Day Light : 300mm
* Hydraulic Cylinder’s : 100mm Diameter
* No. of Cylinders : 6 Nos.
* Hydraulic Pump Power (Imported) : 5.5 KW
* Hot Oil Pump Power (Imported) : 2.2 KW
* Weight : 6200KG (Approx)
* Dimensions of the Machine : 3300 × 1650 × 2050mm
* Voltage : 415 Volts , 3 Phase, 50 Hz
Minimum Overall dimensions, operating Easiness and safety.
Characteristics, Technical data and Weights referred to standard machines are not binding.




On Switching on the machine, you have to enter the password this feature is incorporated to avoid any misuse of the machine by unauthorized person.


Touch the Login Password Function. The numeric pad will be displayed on the Screen. Feed the password & press enter.


After successfully entering the password. You can choose how you want to work on the machine. Either in the Auto mode or the Manual mode.




The machine has 20 different titled chapters, in the memory bank. You can alter the parameters i.e. Time, Pressure or temperature. Parameters of any of the titled chapters. Also all the titles have mode no from 1 –20. you can recalled the desired setting / programme either by the name or the mode number i.e. 1 – 20.
The last set parameters will be stored in the memory bank if the machine is restarted.
To change the parameters, numeric password has to entered on the numeric pad which Shows when you press Edit Job. (As shown in the photo below).
The Modes / Parameters you have to set are Temperature, Pressure & Time of pressing.
Touch the screen on the parameters you want to set .You can feed the valve and press set.
If you go to the Set-Job function. You go to the preset valves of various types of jobs under their name headings.
The Display Panel also shows how many jobs have been completed on this setting..



When successfully entering the password you can after the required programme. Press the item (i.e. Pressure, time or Temperature) the numeric pad shows on the screen (As photo below) you may feed the required values & press enter. The required values shall be saved.
Press back to the main Auto mode manual and operate the machine.
(The machine has a in built counter for each operation. The Display shall also show the total number of Jobs done. You may clear the counter if desired.



If you go to the Manual Mode. You may set the required parameter of temperature, Pressure and Time one by one. On touching the required, you get the display to feed in the values & press set.
Also oil pump & heater may be switched ON/OFF as required.
The machine stores the values of the last set item all the time.



You may feed the required parameters for Pressure, time & temperature one by one.
Press each one of them one by one to get the machine pad (as photo below) and feed the valve as required. Press enter after putting the new valve.
Press back and go to the manual mode to operate the machine.

For Switching off the machine. You must switch off the Heater (Keep sure that the oil pump is working) once the temperature falls bellow 60 C then switch off the main power switch. Heated thermo fluid oil can cause damage to various parts of the machine such as the platens, oil seals etc.




This Shows the various titled jobs done on a Hot Press. You can choose the Mode you want to work. This will help you to save time and you do not have to set all the parameters again. This function helps the oeprator for quick change from one type of work / job to another.
Also you can edit the parameter of any of the Programmes.
You may programe a setting and check it on the Rough work control before feeding it to the desired title.
Any other addition of the title can be done by one Service Engineer on request.



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  3. Decorative Paper
  4. Chipboard – MDF
  5. Rubber and Chipboard
  6. Cork and Rubber Board
  7. Cork Board
  8. Aluminium Composite Panel
  9. Honeycomb Aluminium Composite Panel
  10. Cork Panel
  11. Transfer Paper Wood Panel
  12. Bothside HPL Covered Board
  13. Veneered Panel
  14. Decorative HPL Covered Panel
  15. Hollow Care Panel
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