Inside construction of the machine is Heavy Duty Cast Iron spindle assemblies. This helps for Minimum Vibration.
Automatic motorized Movement is provided for Main Saw Assembly on Linear Bearings and Scoring Saw Assembly on a pivot having micro adjustment with a knobs on the electric panel.
Tilting of the saw Assembly is by Hand wheel fitted in front of the machine and an electronic digital display in front of the machine showing the angle of saw blade.
Sliding provided through High Precision Hardened Ground Chrome plated steel rods imported from Germany.
Extremely exact cut no more cutting edge damages. Burr free cutting. Cutting Accuracy less than 0.15mm.
Perfect job cutting on Wood, Plastic or Non Ferrous Metals.
Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Fence provided on the machine with a scale and Two Nos. Adjustable Length stops on the sliding carriage for multiple size settings.
Max. Cutting Length with sliding table 3100 mm
Max. Cutting width with Rip Fence 1200mm
Max. Saw Blade cutting Height at 90 70mm with Blade Size 300mm
100mm with Blade Size 350mm
Max. Saw Blade cutting Height at 45

53mm   with Blade Size 300mm
70mm   with Blade Size 350mm

Main Saw Speed (RPM)


Main Saw Motor

5.5 KW / 7.5 HP

Scoring Saw Motor

0.75 KW / 1 HP

Scoring Blade Speed (RPM)


Main Blade Size

300mm/ 350 X bore 30 mm

Scoring Blade Size

120mm X bore 22 mm

Blade Tilting 

90 - 45

Tilting of Blade By Hand Wheel and Electronic Digital Display on the Machine panel

Height Adjustment of Main Saw & Scoring Saw

Electrically through DC Motors
Dust collection adaptor Size

100 mm and 60 mm

Approx. Weight

1000 Kg

Overall Dimension

3340 x 3340 x 1400mm


Machine Frame:
The heavy duty / fabricated and stress relieved body frame is strong and stable ensures long life of the machine.
  Saw Units: The spindles have cast iron housings. They are fitted with high precision bearings of P6 accuracy and have minimum vibration. Powerful motor to ensure excellent cutting performance; Main Saw rotating speed can be easily changed between 5200 and 3800 rpm and has indicator on the electric panel for which rpm is being set.
  Sliding Carriage: Labour saving and high precision cutting due to the hardened and paralleled rails; The anodized aluminum carriage is heavy duty and stable and avoid scratches left on the panels. The carriage can be locked at any desired position. The cutting accuracy is ≤0.1mm
  Rip Fence:
The rip fence can move smoothly on working table and be locked firmly at any desired position. A Scale is fitted to see the setting. The rip fence can be set as vertical or horizontal way for
Support big panel or small work piece.
Metre Fence: The quick-lock metre fence can be set from -45 to 45.

Splitter: The Splitter prevents ejection of work piece chips and
improves operator safety. The Splitter can be adjusted as per the main saw blade.

Lubrication: Lubrication pump is provided for ensure smooth  operation of the machine.

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